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Turtell enterprise is a new powerful software package designed specifically for the apparel industry.
It Is The Solution For Fast-Paced, High Volume, Multi-Site Operations
Provides Complete View Of Your Inventory, Customer Activities And Office Management
Allows You To See, Manage, Control Inventories Across Multiple Locations And Make Informed Decisions With Real Time Data
It is Modular, Cost Effective And Easy To Administer
Has Integration Capabilities With All Your Manufacturing Activities
Internet Accessible By Blackberry Or Palm Pilot Device
No Custom Programming Is Required

Business Processes
�E/font> Customer Service
�E/font> Order Management
�E/font> Purchasing
�E/font> Import Tracking
�E/font> Inventory Management
�E/font> Integrated Accounting Module
�E/font> Credit Module
�E/font> EDI
�E/font> Bar Coding
�E/font> Warehouse Locator System
�E/font> Credits/Returns Administration
�E/font> Costing
�E/font> Pricing
�E/font> Profitability Module
�E/font> Simplified Allocation Logic
�E/font> Production Planning
�E/font> Salesman Module - Remote Order Entry
�E/font> Multiple Division/Corporation

Order Management
•    Customer Order Entry
      ° Multi Currency
      ° Unlimited Line Items By SKU
      ° Automatic Sizing
      ° Pre-Packs
      ° Order Tracking By Season
      ° Split Commissions - Line Item
      ° Automatic Pricing
      ° Salesman Simplified Remote Order Entry
      ° Manual Or Automatic Credit (Factor Transmission)
      ° Line Item
         · Priority
         · Salesman
         · Commission
         · Ship Via
         · Price
         · Ship To
         · Discounts
•    Customer Notifications
      ° Confirmations
      ° UPS Shipment
      ° Invoicing
      ° Delivery Date Change
•    Automatic Or Manual Allocation
      ° Piece
      ° Case
      ° WIP
•    Simplified Billing
•    Incoming Order Analysis
•    Credit Checking Upon Entry
•    Credit Shipment Logic

Customer Service
Automatic Customer Delivery Quotation System
      ° Customer Delivery Date Change Notification
      ° Delivery Date Established Upon Entry Of Order Based On User Defined Matrix
•    Online Inquiries
      ° Billing/Credit
      ° Bill Of Lading/Packing
      ° Cost
      ° Customer Summaries
      ° Credit Approvals
      ° Inventory
      ° Order
      ° Purchases
      ° Pricing
      ° Six Month Sales And Bookings
      ° Shipping
      ° SKU
•    Order Priority Processing
      ° Send Pick Tickets Down At Once
      ° Future Delivery Orders On Hold
•    Order Sourcing Detail

•    Purchase Entry
      ° Multi Currency
      ° Unlimited Line Items By SKU
      ° Automatic Sizing
      ° Pre-Packs
      ° Purchasing Tracking By Season
      ° Multiple Delivery Dates
      ° Freight Logic
      ° LC Or Other Credit Approval
      ° Hard And Soft Allocate To Customer Orders
      ° LC Expiration Notification
      ° Set Up Actual Costs
•    Purchase Tracking
•    Online Tracking Inquiries
•    Shipping Advisements
      ° Unlimited Number Of Purchases
      ° Vessel & Trip ID
      ° ETA & ETD
      ° Actual Arrival Date
      ° Bill Of Lading
      ° Custom Clearance
•    Case Or Piece Receiving
      ° Capture Inventory Against P/O And Advisement
      ° Detail Breakdown Of Cost Per Case/Piece
      ° Automatic Feed Into A/P
•    Transaction History With Time, Date And User

Production Planning
•    Online Production Planning By SKU
•    Sales Analysis & Forecasting
      ° By Customer Type
      ° By Customer
      ° By Style/Color
      ° By Season
      ° Comparison Reports To Prior Periods
•    Booking Analysis
      ° By Customer Type
      ° By Customer
      ° By Style/Color
      ° By Season
      ° Comparison Reports To Prior Periods
•    Complete Production Planning Report Suite
•    Cash Flow Projections

Inventory Management
•    Capture Pieces Or Cases
•    Fiscal Date Or Accounting Period Processing
•    Transaction History By Piece Or Case
•    Inventory Reconciliations
      ° Physical V. Perpetual
         · Freeze Inventory Files
         · Enter Physical Count
         · Comparison Report With Option Of Automatic Adjustment
•    Inventory And Accounting Synchronization
•    Adjust Inventory
•    Release Inventory
•    Cost Inventory
•    Online Inventory Availability
•    Physical Inventory
•    Bar Code Piece Level Processing
•    Bin Locator Warehouse System
•    UPS Shipment Notification
•    Automatic UPS Billing Interface
•    Bill And Hold
•    Pack And Hold
•    Multiple Accounting Period Processing
•    Inventory Markdown
•    Inquiries
      ° Costing
      ° Pricing
      ° Markdowns
      ° Profitability
         · Gross Profit By Customer, Product, Division

•    Standard
      ° Table Driven
      ° Inventory Is Costed At The Established Rate On Reports Only
•    Actual
      ° Combination Of Manufacturing Plus Misc. Add-Ons
      ° Automatic Feed Into Purchasing With Override Ability
      ° Every Piece Of Inventory Is Costed At The Time Of Receipt
      ° Inventory Reports Broken Down By Actual Cost
•    Product Cost Sheets By Color
      ° Tool To Determine Selling Price Based On Various Mark Up Percentages
•    Markdowns

•    Standard By Customer Type/SKU
•    Special By Customer
•    Color/Size Overrides
•    Driven By Expiration Date
•    Automatic Feed Into Order Entry With Override Ability

Accounts Payable
•    Multiple Open Accounting Periods
•    Automatic Interface With General Ledger
•    Multi Currency
•    Dates Determine The Accounting Period Charged
•    Invoice Entry/Change, Write Off, Key Off, Wire Transfer, Credit/ Debit Memo, On Account Payment, �E Capabilities
•    Complete Payment Processing
      ° System Automatically Calculates Payments Due On A Particular Day For A Bank
      ° It Considers All Due, Past Due And Special Payments Not On Hold
      ° Ability To Add/Deduct Items From Schedule
      ° Manual Checks
•    Ability To Set Up, Change And Trigger Recurring Invoices
•    Month End And Daily Reports For Any Of The Functions

Accounts Receivable
•    Multiple Open Accounting Periods
•    Automatic Interface With General Ledger
•    Factored And Non-Factored
•    Dates Determine The Accounting Period Charged
•    Allows For Transfer Of All Open Items From One Post To Account To Another
•    Record/Change Cash Receipts, Write Off, Key Off, Factor Wire Transfer, Factor Charge Backs, Factor Credit Memo, Reverse A/R Transaction, �E Capabilities
•    Month End And Daily Reports For Any Of The Functions

General Ledger
•    Journal Entry Processing
•    Recurring Journal Entries
•    Trial Balance Reporting
•    Cash Balance Inquiry
•    Multiple Open Accounting Periods
•    Drill Down Inquiries Of Account Balances

Credit Approvals
•    Factor Transmissions
      ° Automatic Credit Requests & Decisions
      ° Automatic Transmission Of Invoices
•    Split House/Factor Approvals
•    Credit Decisions Report
•    Credit Resubmit Report
•    Credit Hold Report
•    Ability To Switch Factors On A Daily Basis
•    Ability To Assign % Of Daily Orders To Factors
•    Order Line Item Approvals

Return Authorization
•    Dispute Tracking
•    RGA
      ° Authorization
      ° Receipt Acknowledgement
      ° Issue Credit
      ° Issue RGA Lot
      ° Tag Returned Inventory With Credit Number
      ° Reports To Analyze Cause Of Return

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